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Address 1420 2nd Ave Cumberland WI 54829 Website: Visit Website


Holly Jordan – 612.239.0699 OR

Meg Lepak – 715.733.0196 OR

Tina Wagner-  612.756.3709 OR

Bill Wagner – 715.419.3422 OR

Jessica Longtine – 651.253.5651  OR

Jen Nitchey – 763.567.8737 OR

Just the gals you need to see when you’re looking to list your home or searching for a potential new house in the Cumberland area. With a large shortage in affordable homes for sale in the area, working with one of the realtors in the Cumberland office means you’ll get the most out of your home in this seller’s market. Interest rates are at the lowest we’ve seen in many years, so why not take advantage of the opportunity to list your home today and be rid of it before the worst of the winter weather swoops in. Realtors who not only work but live in the area can give you the best local advice for how to market your home or business so potential buyers see it in the best light possible. The Edina realtors also work as buyer’s agents, meaning they’ll help you with the purchasing process including walking you through showings, how to make an offer and the various steps of coordinating between buyer and seller. Now is a great time to start working on buying or selling your home, and the women at Edina Realty- Cumberland can offer you advice on the first steps you should take.

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1420 2nd Ave Cumberland WI 54829