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Seneca Foods

Address 1055 Elm St Cumberland WI 54829 Phone: (715) 822-2181 Website: Visit Website


Seneca Foods is North America’s leading provider of packaged fruits and vegetables, with facilities located throughout the United States. Its high quality products are primarily sourced from over 2,000 American farms. Providing seasonal and year round jobs for many in the community, Seneca is one of the factories that has provided steady employment for the area. Processing green beans for canning at their Cumberland location, the peak season usually runs from June through September, weather depending. Many of the locals will tell you that the smell of Summer in Cumberland is always tinged with a hint of beans. Seneca Foods is a parent company for a few brands you’ll find on the shelves of your local grocery store like Libby’s, Aunt Nellie’s, READ among others. For over 60 years, Seneca has brought quality foods to the table for millions of customers throughout the United States. We appreciate the big impact they make on our little community! To find out more on being part of their legacy, or the products they produce, visit their website.

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1055 Elm St Cumberland WI 54829