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Eagle Services

Address 212 South Main St. Rice Lake WI 54868 Phone: (715) 822-8113 Website: Visit Website



In an age where we are relying on technology to help us with school, work, entertainment, medicine, buying groceries and more, what do you do when your computer won’t connect to the home office printer or drops the WiFi in the middle of a Zoom meeting? Call Eagle services of course! Not just your average “Have you tried turning it off and turning it on again?” IT service provider, they work hard in a way that fits your lifestyle to get your devices back up and running. They’ve got the ability to remotely correct PC issues, recover lost data, perform tune-ups to ensure your data is safe and secure and morel. Area businesses and home users alike can even receive training on how to best use their PC’s! When your computer is just beyond repair, or it’s time to upgrade to a newer model, look no further than the experts at Eagle Services, they can help you choose the right PC for what you need, and are even a Dell Certified Dealer. From PCs to TV service, they’ll get you connected to the tech you’ve been looking for. See all the different big name brands they are authorized to sell or troubleshoot at their website.

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212 South Main St. Rice Lake WI 54868