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Blue Hills Chiropractic

Address 1320 2nd Ave Cumberland WI 54829 Phone: (715) 822-2500 Website: Visit Website


If there’s one thing you should know about Blue Hills Chiropractic, it’s that they are more than just back pain doctors! Sure they’ll adjust you for those pains, but really their mission is to create homeostasis in your body where your body and mind are both working as one. Getting chiropractic work can be done for a variety of reasons you may not think about like digestive issues, anxiety, pre- and postnatal care, even allergies! Though you may think of chiropractic care as just for adults, Blue Hills Chiropractic is very experienced in caring for all ages of patients, from babies on up! They are a very family friendly practice that just opened up a new location in Rice Lake in addition to their office in Cumberland. Utilizing the latest technologies in order to give you the best experience possible, Blue Hills Chiropractic works hard to get to the root of your pain issues and put you on a plan that ensures you can reach a pain free lifestyle and maintain it.

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1320 2nd Ave Cumberland WI 54829