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Busy Beaver Day Care Center

Address 685 1st Ave Cumberland WI 54829 Phone: (715) 822-5955


Close, trusted care providers are paramount for parents who require child day care. Located just outside the busy bustle of downtown Cumberland, upon a hill overlooking the lake sits Busy Beaver’s Daycare. A place where kids go not just to be out of their parent’s hair for a bit, but to learn and grow. Any parent will tell you that the first time you leave your child in the hands of the daycare provider is one of the hardest things to do. Go to work assured that you kid or kids are in good hands when you leave them in the care of  Busy Beaver’s Daycare. Nicole and her staff do a wonderful job of keeping the children engaged, enriched and active while they are in her care. If you’ve experienced a shift in your job where you require child day care services, give Busy Beaver’s a call to see how they can help you with your needs.

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685 1st Ave Cumberland WI 54829