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Cumberland Advocate

Address 375 2nd Ave Cumberland WI 54829 Phone: (715) 822-4469 Website: Visit Website


In a small town, you might not think buying a paper is really that necessary. You may think, I’ll just have breakfast one morning at the cafe and be caught up on what the local gossip is. Probably bump into the sheriff getting gas and find out who’s been breaking the law lately. Maybe even visit that Chamber lady to see what new businesses are poppin up in town. But that’s just half the story, every rendition you get comes with some amount of opinion. To get the full story, facts from both sides included, read the local paper! For just $36 you can get local news delivered weekly to your mailbox or computer for an entire year in the tri county area ($38 for out of state). Not only do you get news stories from town, but classified ads placed by your neighbors and friends, public notices to stay in the loop of what the city is working on, An Outdoorsman’s Journal, Barronett News & now, relevant COVID-19 information. With how easily manipulated information from the web can be, take solace in knowing that your local paper maintains integrity in reporting news stories to it’s community patrons. Easily subscribe online, or at the office during office hours. Cumberland Advocate papers can be purchased at numerous locations throughout the area.

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375 2nd Ave Cumberland WI 54829