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Jacobson Advanced Eye Care

Address 1357 2nd Ave Cumberland WI 54829 Phone: (715) 822-5248 Website: Visit Website


Monday 8-5:30
Tuesday 8-4:30
Wednesday 8-4:30
Thursday 7-4:30
Friday 8-3:30

Regular eye exams are a necessary, but often over looked, portion of staying healthy and happy. Did you know that there are over 20 diseases that can be detected by an eye exam? The health benefits of scheduling regular eye exams as suggested by your optometrist go above and beyond knowing whether or not you need glasses now or possibly in the future. The doctors and staff at Jacobson Advanced Eye Care are committed to providing advanced vision care in a comfortable and professional environment. Don’t procrastinate getting your eyes checked just because “they seem fine now”, you could be setting yourself up for larger problems down the road.

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1357 2nd Ave Cumberland WI 54829