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Synergy Co-Op

Address 2104 Carlone Street Cumberland WI 54829 Phone: (715) 822-8979 Website: Visit Website


Most well known for their agricultural products, Synergy Coop has a large presence in our community. From helping farmers choose the right seeds for their crops to supplying propane to keep the house toasty in the winter months they help all citizens of the area. Most recently Synergy has made a large investment in Cumberland by choosing to develop land and build a brand new Cenex gas station at the intersection of Hwy 48 & Hwy 63. The new station serves hot food, provides gas for semi’s and hopefully will attract more folks to route their trip through Cumberland. You can find out about all the services and products that Synergy has to offer by visiting their website.

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2104 Carlone Street Cumberland WI 54829