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Toftness Chiropractic Clinic

Address 1425 2nd Ave Cumberland WI 54829 Phone: (715) 822-2135 Website: Visit Website


Nearly 90 years of service in this community, Dr. Tom and Dr. Jodi know a thing or two about proper adjustments. Using light force adjusting that is good for all ages, Toftness Chiropractic Clinic treats patients of all ages from pediatric to geriatric. Always finding better ways to serve their patients, they continue to build on their knowledge by attending continuing education seminars regularly. Dr. Jodi is even a Nationally Certified Medical Examiner, meaning she can perform DOT physicals. If you’ve been feeling out of sorts because your home office wasn’t exactly set up for the amount of use it’s been getting lately, you are suffering from text-neck (yes that’s a real thing!) or you just need a regular adjustment, get in touch with the team at Toftness Chiropractic Clinic and get your self realigned.

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1425 2nd Ave Cumberland WI 54829